Brio (brio_miller) wrote,

Life Updates

So, I have a blender.
I don't know if I've posted this before here.
I'm just very excited about it.
I've pretty much been non-stop smoothie making.

It has yet to have alcohol in it, but with my housemates I'm sure that won't last past next weekend.

Right now I've pretty much decided that everything in life is transitory and there is no escaping it. Peace, Love, Happiness...all amazing things.
So with that in mind here is a big "Fuck you" to drama
May it not involve itself with me anymore.
I will be doing my best to ignore it and not enable the drama queens/kings in my life.

Sunrise is coming
I can feel it now
the air slightly warming

the magic of nightime is fading

a new day is before us
every step of the journey
perfect in its serendipitousness
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