So, I realized that Brio_Miller isn't really what I'm about anymore.
Yes Brio is vigor and vivacity.
I just...outgrew it.
I've been searching for a new username that suits me and I finally figured one out.

You'll be able to find me at resfirma if you're interested in seeing my updates.


I'm so not exicted about winter.
Can it be spring now?
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    Before you accuse me- Eric Clapton

I'll be fine

Feelings are dangerous things because we believe in them
Reality, a bittersweet drug, is always transient
It seems as if there are two realities and one is without time
Wishes and dreams are a world apart from this transition
The ticking clock begs at me to tell another story
This candy coated cyanide called love
It appears to be an addiction

Bad omens?

So last night as I was getting in the shower I could have sworn that there was a crow that was sitting on the bathroom sink. But in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

I thought, "oh that's strange". But I'd had a long day and needed to just shower and rest.
I told my housemate and she said "it's and omen of death."

I wake up today and my car battery is dead.

Well it's just a dead battery. Geez though, that's still a bother.
I need to get to work today.